How to Relieve Neck Pain

How to Relieve Neck Pain


JACKI: Hi, Welcome to Spa Virgin Presents Tips and Tricks for a Better You. I’m Jacki Etheveste the owner of Golden Youth Spa and Pilates. And I want to ask you this question: Are you one of the million Americans that suffer chronic neck pain and stiffness? I know I am. Especially being an Esthetician with the work I do and my head being an a downward position all day. Sometimes at the end of the day my neck is just killing me and it’s so stiff. W hat are going to do? If you are like most people  we’re so busy we can’t get to a massage therapist when we need to or the massage therapist is so busy they can’t get us in when we need to be in. So a lot of us start taking everyday pain relievers which really is not a good habit to get in to. So what are we going to do?

Well I have an answer for you. Today I’d like to introduce you to Erica Ueberroth who is a certified massage therapist and she’s a member of our family here at Golden Youth Spa and Pilates. She has an awesome tip on how to relieve neck pain and stiffness. And it’s something you can on yourself and at home. So if you are tired of having that sore still neck let’s go check on Erica and let’s see what she has up her sleeve. I know I want to know.

ERICA: Hi, I’m Erica Ueberroth and I’d like to share a little tip or trick about neck pain. It’s one of the most frequently complained about areas on the body when clients come in to see me. I’d like to share a little stretch and a massage technique that you’ll be to do at home on the side of your neck. On the sternocleidomastoid and the trapezius muscle.

For the stretch, you’ll cross your arms. Then look up and to the side. Take a deep breath and hold the stretch. Count to roughly ten and then you repeat on the other side.

For the massage, if you have a wide tooth comb or the back brush at home you would use the back side to massage along the side of your neck. You just need some lotion. Rub that on the side of your neck. Then you use, again, the back side of the brush or comb. You can apply moderate to pretty tense pressure on the muscle. You can do long strokes or slightly shorter strokes. You can also pause on the tight knot that you feel in your muscle. Give yourself a good 30 seconds or so of some of that back and forth massage and then repeat on the other side.

CAMERA MAN: Jacki. Uh, Jacki, we’re back.

JACKI: Uh?  What? Or I’m sorry. Oh, my gosh. That felt so amazing. That is such a great tip. It’s a tip that you can use at work. You don’t even have to wait to go home. You can do it anytime your neck starts to feel stiff or sore. And it requires really almost virtually nothing. You can do it with a comb, brush, and handle of any kind. I hope this tip will help you as much as I know it will help me and bring you a little relief from those sore stiff necks. Thanks again to Erica Ueberroth for that awesome tip. I hope this help you in future days. And I want to thank you for joining us today as Spa Virgin Presents Tips and Tricks for a Better You.

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